How to ScavengArt

Materials Needed

In order to participate you must first create a piece of art. Once made you put the work in a weather safe bag with a note that states it is a gift for the finder and how to connect to the ScavengArt social media pages. Once the piece is ready to be hidden you must find an acceptable spot (no private property or ask permission if in an establishment). Once the piece is hidden you must take a picture and post with clues and hashtags either on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

It is encouraged for those that discover pieces to contact us and let us know a work has been found either through pictures or descriptions on social media. Once a piece is found it can either be kept as a gift, re-gifted, or re-hidden so that the works can travel and be discovered again. If work is re-hidden the new location information should be posted on any of the social media sites. This is an opportunity for artists to be seen and discovered in a way they would not normally have the opportunity to as well as creating a social climate that encourages the sharing of creativity. ScavengArt was started and will always be about “gifting” art.