ScavengArt is an interactive, social media supported, project based around gifting art. The concept of ScavengArt allows artists from all levels and mediums to hide work in order to be found. This concept is based around gifting while also creating a connection to artists that would not normally have been discovered. Through the utilization of a social media market ScavengArt and its participants can reach a large audience across all areas.

ScavengArt encourages artists of all disciplines and mediums to “gift” art through the concept of a scavenger hunt. By utilizing the fast networks of social media artists can leave pictures, hash tags, and descriptive clues to where the work is hidden. Each piece is accompanied by a small message that allows the discoverer to know what they found and where to learn more about the process and artist. Anyone can participate as long as the pieces are original (writing, paintings, jewelry, or sculptures) and are left in appropriate places (work cannot be left on private property or other non-public access places). The artist leaves the work in a weather sealed bag and provides information about ScavengArt. Artists can leave work anonymously or provide their personal information as well. Once a piece is hidden the artist then promotes their piece using either Facebook, #ScavengArt, @ScavengArt, on Twitter and Instagram.

Our Mission

The mission of ScavengArt will always be about gifting free art. ScavengArt hopes to reach all areas, levels, and participants within the arts community and beyond to spread the gift of art and offer opportunities for artists to be discovered.


In April 2014, a Washington, DC area local artist, Jennifer Droblyn, decided she needed to flush out some old small pieces. Instead of pushing for sales or giving the work away she came up with a creative way to distribute her work to the community. The idea of ScavengArt was born. Within an evening a Facebook page was created that allowed her to post pictures and clues to where she had hidden her small paintings for strangers to search for or stumble upon. During the summer of 2015, the ScavengArt idea was given to me and built upon as part of my work for Savannah College of Art and Design Masters of Arts Administration. The plans designed were a White Paper in my Business Writing class titled “5 Benefits of Incorporating ScavengArt into Society” and a mock business financial plan for Financial Management and Marketing. Creating Instagram and Twitter pages ScavengArt gained over one hundred followers, around 5 participating artists, and an interview on Soundcloud done by Jennifer Droblyn. Art work appeared in states across the US including North Carolina, Ohio, and Nevada as pieces made their way to the Burning Man festival made and distributed by various artists.